Bread Made From Scratch

Most sub shops hope you won’t notice their bread, because it’s frozen. At Planet Sub Lawrence, we know that every sandwich needs a strong foundation — and in the case of our fresh-made sandwiches, we could never settle for less than fresh-baked, never frozen, made by hand, 100% from scratch bread.

Get “Bread-ucated” today at Planet Sub Lawrence!

Why Bread Made From Scratch?

Sure, it would be easier if we didn’t make our bread from scratch — but we know sometimes the easiest course isn’t the best one. Especially when the alternative is this:

  • Frozen bread that tastes like styrofoam.
  • Bread that’s over-processed, stuffed with preservatives and bleaching chemicals.
  • Bread that’s made who knows where with who knows what.
  • Bread that has traveled hundreds of miles in the trailer of a freight truck.
  • Bread that used to be used as a yoga mat in a bikram studio.

So why do other sandwich chains keep using frozen bread? We can’t be certain, but it probably has to do with the fact that crafting bread by hand is a skill that requires excellence, care, and expertise. Still, we insist on the homemade route, because we’d never compromise health or flavor to shave a little from our bottom line.

That’s why you’ll find the Planet Sub Lawrence team mixing, rolling out, and baking our signature recipe each morning. Many of our locations even offer gluten-free bread for those who require a special diet. We’re committed to creating fresh, healthy, authentic sandwiches for our customers, and we know you’ll find our bread made from scratch nothing short of delicious.

Need proof? Visit Planet Sub Lawrence today to try our bread made from scratch, or try calling (785) 843-6000 or placing an online order!