Vegan Food in Lawrence

At Planet Sub Lawrence, we respect the vegan lifestyle and recognize how difficult it can be to maintain a vegan diet — especially when you’re in a hurry. We make it easy by offering an array of savory vegan sandwiches on our menu, always on our home made vegan bread.

For a taste of our vegan food, head to Planet Sub Lawrence, call ahead for pick-up ((785) 843-6000), or order online for delivery!

Vegan Food — And Fast!

The sandwiches we craft weren’t hastily assembled — we’ve taken time to consider how each ingredient interacts with the others to create the best overall flavor, especially when it comes to our vegan food.

Our vegan sandwiches really speak for themselves. Here are a few you can sample when you’re seeking fast vegan food that’s tasty, too:

  • Any of our veggie subs with the cheese removed

Learn more about our vegan sandwiches: check out our full menu, or call Planet Sub Lawrence (785) 843-6000 to order on the phone, online, or in person!